About Adriana

I am an interdisciplinary artist, teacher and creative therapist. I love hearing people’s stories and guiding clients and students to live happier and healthier lives through mindfulness and the work of the arts.

A leader in my work as expressive arts therapist and movement educator, I bring an extensive teaching background and a keen ability to help individuals and groups develop a stronger sense of purpose and be successful. With compassion, clarity and perspective I offer a creative approach to life struggles and transitions. My expertise and personal experience makes me especially useful when dealing with issues related to addiction, grief and trauma. Currently, I feel driven to share the knowledge I have developed over the last few decades to be a force for creative change in the world through film, writing, teaching and speaking.

Adriana is a filmmaker, teacher, speaker, movement educator, arts therapist, and poet.


Adriana’s recent film, When the Fall Comes, is a testament to love, loss and art. Weaving through vivid images of the San Francisco Bay Area, Argentine tango dancing, performance moments and poignant interviews focused on the work of grief and the arts, Adriana shares her personal story about the melancholy, joy and reverence that accompanies loss. When the Fall Comes aims to demonstrate how the arts can allow complicated feelings and experiences resulting from grief to be expressed, as well as provide opportunities to come together around the topic of loss. Adriana is currently working on The Creative High, a film about artists who have faced addiction. This is a passion project born out of her own recovery from addiction. She was awarded Artist of the Year in 2016 through In Recovery magazine. Here is her article that shares about her artistic journey before and after recovery.

Teacher & Speaker

Adriana has presented at international conferences and spearheaded many noteworthy projects and programs including the Arts Exhibit Program at California Institute of Integral Studies where she was art curator and director from 2002-2009. She has facilitated workshops and classes through her own practice as well as at Sonoma State University, National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Epiphany Center for Women and Children, Art Institute of California, and other respected institutions. Since 2003 she has been a faculty member of the Tamalpa Institute, the internationally renowned training center for movement-based expressive arts therapy. Adriana’s well-articulated style of teaching and speaking makes her a dynamic presence at events and workshop venues.


Therapist & Movement Educator

Adriana brings a well-established practice as expressive arts therapist and movement educator to her work. Trained in the Life/Art Process, a method developed at the Tamalpa Institute, she uses creative methods to establish health and well-being in individuals, groups and communities. Adriana’s work holds a special focus on addiction/recovery, grief and trauma. For many years she was a group facilitator at La Ventana Eating Disorder Program in San Francisco, where she used movement and art to support recovery. She is extremely generous with her clients and students, offering an abundance of creative resources, bringing a compassionate nature to her work, and generating concrete solutions towards more productive and fulfilling lives.


Adriana’s writing style is intimate, accessible, and demonstrates her ability to successfully bridge thoughts, feelings and memories into creative expression. Adriana wrote her poetry chapbook as she witnessed her late husband undergo the lung cancer treatment that eventually took his life in June 2007. In response to this significant loss, she continued to write poetry, supported by dance and movement, to process her experiences. She undertook this writing journey as a guide through loss and renewal which ultimately inspired a performance and film project of the same name, “When the Fall Comes.”

A complimentary copy of the book is available here.