Adriana’s Approach to Life and Art

Through individual and group sessions and her own creative work with dance, visual art, poetry and film, Adriana is committed to finding the links between art and life. Her work employs a variety of methods to support emotional and physical health, creative growth, and a deeper relationship to life. Adriana brings an artistic and compassionate perspective when working with individuals, groups and the creative process. Her work is rooted in the belief that the language of the soul speaks through the body, the imaginal world, artistic expression and our life stories.


Adriana’s work includes the following:


Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Finding balance in the nervous system and gaining a more solid foundation in the body is essential for wellness. Adriana brings a subtle yet powerful orientation to mindfulness and stress reduction through her work with somatic movement therapy. Her sessions bring awareness to the patterned movements and postures that shape us, resulting in resilience and empowerment.


Expressive Arts Therapy and Supervision

Expressive arts therapy utilizes a range of creative media such as visual art, dance, and creative writing to support self-exploration and growth. In addition to working with individual clients, Adriana supervises students and professionals who are interested in using the arts and somatic resources to support clients and groups. Adriana is an expert guide who can supervise individual and group work.


Supporting Artists with Addictions and People in Recovery

Recovery coaching with Adriana provides a holistic approach for people struggling with addiction and those engaging in recovery. She has a unique interest in working with artists who have suffered from addictions.


Creative Grief Counseling

Adriana’s sensitive approach allows individuals to move through loss, grief and transition with lasting effect. She knows how important it is to find sustainable ways to heal from grief. Adriana uses the arts to honor loss and transition, giving a voice to the unspeakable suffering that can occur, and encourages new pathways to form through the creative/therapeutic process.


Creative Mentoring

Adriana works with artists of all types. Her artistic skills provide a strong foundation for consultations with artists, dancers, performers, designers – anyone who is interested in creative pursuits. Arts coaching assists people in developing intentions and concrete steps to move their creativity to the next level.


Groups and Presentations

Adriana is an expert facilitator and teacher. Her accessible style employs both lecture and experiential work that that encourages new perspectives on healing and creativity. She is available to teach workshops, offer presentations or do creative facilitation at your organization.


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