Art Cures / Summer 2021

Online Masterclasses with Creativity Expert and Master Teacher, Adriana Marchione


Two Powerful Masterclasses addressing healing from grief and addictive behaviors. These seminars will provide a creative/holistic perspective for people recovering from loss, trauma and all forms of addiction (i.e. alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, sex and love addiction and co-dependency).


Using Creativity to Heal Addiction

Friday, June 18, 2021

10-11:30am PDT

In this class you will learn how to support yourself or people you work with to:

  • Reclaim the ‘high’ sought in addiction through creative expression
  • Combat the inner critic to allow more freedom and joy in recovery
  • Reframe struggles and difficulties of recovery into artistic resources
  • Envision and embrace healthy life choices through the creative process

An Expressive Approach to Grief and Loss

Friday, July 9, 2021

10-11:30am PDT

In this class you will learn how to support yourself or people you work with to:

  • Restore emotional and physical balance through somatic and creative practices
  • Use ritual and storytelling to honor loved ones and your lived experience
  • Be empowered to vision the new phase of life that comes from transition
  • Move from isolation to connection through the power of creative community

For Educators, Therapists, Artists, Coaches or Anyone who Wants to Learn more about Healing through Creativity.


Cost: $15 per class, $25 if you sign up for both.

On Zoom

If you can’t make it ‘live’, a recording will be available



Adriana Marchione MA, REAT, RSMT has been involved in the arts for over thirty years as a filmmaker, dancer, photographer and is internationally recognized in her work as a movement-based expressive arts therapist and educator. Since 2002, Adriana has taught and directed programs at Tamalpa Institute, California Institute of Integral Studies, WHEAT Institute in Canada and founded her own wellness center in San Francisco. She has presented her creative healing approach with a focus on addiction, eating disorders, trauma and grief, at festivals, conferences, and treatment centers including South by Southwest, Studio le théâtre du Corps in Paris, Ohlhoff Recovery Program and La Ventana Eating Disorder Program. Adriana is currently directing The Creative High, a feature documentary featuring working artists who have faced addiction, and the natural high of art-making. Find more about her work,, and her film at


“As a creative entrepreneur and as an energetic person it is hard at times to navigate what is passion and purpose, and to identify when that drive turns against me and burns me up. Adriana helps me to return to solid ground, providing me with the support to practice my profession in a sustainable way. Working with Adriana helps me to re-balance, see and put things into perspective. After each session I have the feeling I have landed back into self and what truly matters.”

– Hilde Elbers, Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher


“In Adriana’s workshops I have generated personal resources during the fatal illness of a life long partner and the grief that followed. I have used them to access memories and to liberate body memories from muscles and bones. I have celebrated personal growth. Creating with others similarly engaged gives the sessions extra meaning. They are open to all; no experience necessary. Just come ready to trust her kind, clear and well planned facilitating. Adriana inspires me.”

– Daniel Raskin, Retired Preschool Teacher


Adriana walks her talk with great integrity. Committed deeply to art-making as a therapeutic process, she embodies the courage, skillful attunement to self and other, and aesthetic sensibility necessary to facilitate transformation through creativity. I value her as a colleague and a leader in our field of expressive arts therapy and education.”

-Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, Dance/movement artist, and researcher at the Harvard Graduate School of Education