Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Finding balance in the nervous system and gaining a more solid foundation in the body is essential for wellness. Adriana brings a subtle yet powerful orientation to mindfulness and stress reduction through her work with somatic movement therapy. By employing somatic resourcing, mindful movement, as well as body mapping through creativity, Adriana encourages more awareness of the patterned movements and postures that shape us. Her sessions reduce tension and trauma held in the nervous system, offer practical somatic tools to feel more grounded in daily life, and reveal the body’s true vitality.


Adriana is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist through the International Somatic Movement Therapy and Education Association (ISMETA). (link) She also brings strong knowledge of movement and the body in her role as core faculty at the internationally renowned movement-based expressive arts therapy center, Tamalpa Institute (link). She has extensive experience working with trauma, grief and addictions as well as depression, anxiety and everyday triggers and challenges.


Adriana works out of her private office in a central location in San Francisco, California. In addition to in-person sessions, she offers Zoom sessions nationally and internationally. Free 15 minute phone consultation for first time clients.


To schedule an individual session, contact Adriana at adriana@art-cures.com