Art Cures Incubation Course


Join us for a special opportunity to work with a trusted guide to draw out your artistic gifts and passions. The Art Cures Incubation Course will lay out a path to compost the ‘tough stuff’ into creative fuel, open up the possibilities to make art that is transformative, while using an embodied approach. 

An Immersive Life/Art Exploration

90 Day Course: Fridays, September 16th to December 9th, 2022

Individual Sessions



When we experience transition, loss, get caught in cycles of addictive behaviors, or find we have “lost our center,” life can feel overwhelming. Skillful guidance and support can help us find renewal, peace, and wholeness in the midst of life’s most challenging circumstances.

Adriana has a well-established practice as an expressive arts therapist and body-based movement therapist and educator. She uses creative methods to establish health and well-being in individuals, groups and communities. Adriana’s work holds a special focus on addiction/recovery, grief and trauma.

Supporting Artists with Addictions

and People in Recovery

Adriana specializes in addiction and recovery issues. She has developed a specific body of work offering creative healing opportunities for people in recovery that can complement psychotherapy and twelve-step programs. Being in long term recovery herself, Adriana is an exceptional guide to artists and creative people who suffer from addictions in or out of recovery.  Her work provides a holistic perspective on well-being for people recovering from all forms of addiction (alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorders, sex and love addiction and co-dependency).

Her work specifically helps recovering persons to:

  • Increase self-awareness and cultivate communication skills
  • Cultivate a fuller understanding of their physical and emotional aspects
  • Become more engaged in their life through self-expression
  • Combat the inner critic and allow more freedom in recovery
  • Reframe struggles and difficulties of recovery into artistic resources
  • Envision and embrace healthy life choices through the creative process

Creative Grief Support


Adriana’s sensitive approach allows individuals to move through loss, grief and transition with lasting effect. Using an arts and somatic (body-based) perspective, Adriana helps to restore balance on the emotional and physical body while honoring loss. When we go through loss, we lose parts of ourselves and need to reorient to the changes in our lives. The arts provide an abundance of possibilities for marking the loss through creative ritual and storytelling, as well as envisioning the new phase of life that transition requires.

In addition to private work, Adriana loves to guide people through grief performance rituals. This is an invitation to create a structured dance or spoken word piece that can be shared with one person, or a small audience of intimate friends and family. This interest comes out of her own experience moving through deep loss. Her healing from grief was supported by a poetry and performance process that evolved into a short documentary film, When the Fall Comes. Find out more about her project at www.whenthefallcomes.com and view her short film on Vimeo.


Creative Mentoring

Adriana works with artists of all types. Her artistic skills provide a strong foundation for consultations with artists, dancers, performers, designers or anyone who is interested in creative pursuits. Adriana assists people in developing intentions and concrete steps to move their creativity to the next level. She also has a unique focus supporting creative people who have struggled with addiction, trauma and grief. 

Adriana has been actively engaged in the world of the arts for more than twenty years with education and training in photography and mixed-media works, dance and movement-based improvisation, Argentine tango, filmmaking and in her role as art curator. She has dabbled in many other art forms, writes poetry and enjoys nurturing creativity in her daily life. For eight years she worked at the California Institute of Integral Studies where she created and directed an innovative exhibit program, Spirit in the Arts (now Arts at CIIS), which focused on creative applications to psychology, spirituality, education and activism. For the last fifteen years, Adriana has taught classes and workshops in the creative process and has guided hundreds of students through her teaching work at the Tamalpa Institute in the method of the Life/Art Process. The Life/Art Process is a movement-based approach that serves as a vibrant method for establishing health and well-being in individuals, groups and communities. Her current film projects include When the Fall Comes and The Creative High (soon to be released). Adriana was awarded Artist of the Year in 2016 through In Recovery magazine.

Expressive Arts Supervision


Adriana supervises students and professionals who are interested in using the arts and somatic resources to support clients and groups. Adriana is an expert guide who can supervise individual and group work. She can offer support to art therapists, somatic therapists, psychotherapists, spiritual advisors, ministers, and anyone who would like to increase their toolkit when working mindfully and creatively with others. Adriana also brings her embodied approach and on the ground experience working with addictions, grief and trauma.

Expressive arts therapy has emerged over the last few decades as an innovative approach towards health in our contemporary society. Expressive arts therapy uses a range of creative media including dance, visual art, music, performance, and creative writing to encourage self-exploration and personal growth.

Adriana is registered as an Expressive Arts Therapist through the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA). She is trained in the Life/Art Process, a method developed at the Tamalpa Institute by Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin. The Life/Art Process is a movement-based approach that serves as a vibrant method for establishing health and well-being in individuals, groups and communities.


Adriana can be invited to your business or organization to give a workshop, facilitate a group process or make a presentation. Whether it be an arts center, mental health clinic, treatment center, grief organization or community center, Adriana is an expert facilitator. Through mindfulness work and a wealth of artistic tools, she will help your team or organization find the creative resources, flow and collaboration necessary to achieve a desired outcome. Her accessible style employs both lecture and experiential work that encourages new perspectives on healing and creativity. Topics for presentations or workshops can include The Power of Art, Art as a Healing Path, Using Art to Support Recovery from Addiction, Grief or Trauma.

Adriana has presented at international conferences and is an experienced and sought after group facilitator and teacher, bringing her work to institutions such as Sonoma State University, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Epiphany Center for Women and Children and the Art Institute of California. She has spearheaded many noteworthy projects and programs including the Arts Exhibit Program at California Institute of Integral Studies where she was art curator and director from 2002-2009. Since 2003 she has been a faculty member of the Tamalpa Institute, the internationally renowned training center for movement-based expressive arts therapy. She has worked with students from different cultures and backgrounds, and teaches around the world.  Adriana’s well-articulated style of teaching and speaking makes her a dynamic presence at events and workshop venues.

1:1 Individualized Program 


Adriana offers a special 1:1 immersion program package. This program is a great way to experience Adriana’s bridging life and art approach, get support and inspiration for healing, while empowering you to move your creative life to the next level. 

Special 1:1 Immersion Program with Adriana

This is an opportunity to do some concentrated work to boost your personal, creative and/or professional work. The 1:1 program includes the following:


  • One hour Sessions in person or by Zoom/phone
  • Email check-ins to offer encouragement and resources
  • Assignments to keep you engaged and making progress